5 good reasons

    1. Travel Earth Friendly
    2. Smooth Excitement and precision control
    3. Your natural environment
    4. The connection point
    5. Open invitation

    5 good reasons

    1. Travel Earth Friendly
    2. Smooth Excitement and precision control
    3. Your natural environment
    4. The connection point
    5. Open invitation
  • ASX MY17:


    ASX Inform - 2WD 1.6 Litre 2WD MIVEC 5-speed ASG INF & INV



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    Dynamic shield

    Dynamic shield

    The new Mitsubishi Motors front design concept "Dynamic Shield" inherits the functionality of successive generations of the Pajero and the Lancer Evolution. The black center section expresses power and performance, wrapped around from both sides and from below in a muscular symbol of protection for both human and machine. This design is not solely about form, but has real meaning rooted in function, and will provide the foundation for the front face design of future Mitsubishi models.

    New front bumper

    New front bumper

    The new "Dynamic Shield" expresses power and performance, and a symbol of protection for both human and machine.

    New front bumper

    New radiator grille with chrome molding

    The front grille expresses power and performance with its central black section embraced by wrap-round bumper end styling. Chrome accents on the sides convey the strength and refinement of a SUV.

    Daytime running lamp and front fog lamp

    Front fog lamp

    Fog lamp enhances safety by increasing visibility and adds touch of style for good measure.

    New skid plate

    New Skid plate

    Silver skid plate on front bumper projects stability and a robust SUV design.

    Shark fin antenna

    Shark fin antenna

    Shark fin antenna is available to add sportiness and refinement.

    ASX Tyre

    225/55R18 Tyres with 18-inch light alloy wheels

    The new 18-inch light alloy wheels are a unique design, featuring a gloss finish.

    Colour-keyed power door mirrors with folding function and turn lamps

    Colour-keyed power door mirrors with folding function and turn lamps

    The ASX has nicely integrated side indicators lights and approach lamps in its door mirrors.

    Wide rear combination lights

    Wide rear combination lights

    These combine a sense of width while giving the rear a light form.

    Chrome exhaust finisher

    Chrome exhaust finisher

    The chrome exhaust finisher contributes to the ASX's bold and distinctive appearance.



    The interior has been designed around the enjoyment of the driver and passengers, from the sporty environment of the black colour with silver accents to the pleasant texture of the soft pads and fabric trim.

    Soft pad finishing

    Soft pad finishing

    For those of you with an eye for subtle detail, and fingers that know quality when they feel it, a new type of soft textured padding, particularly around the centre instrument panel and door trim, creates a smart and sporty feel.

    Leather wrapped gear shift knob

    Leather-wrapped gear shift knob

    High-quality leather-wrapped manual transmission provides luxurious feel.



    Available with three seat materials, ASX's seats are finished with high-quality and luxurious feel for long-distance comfort.



    Keyless Operation System with engine switch

    ASX features a Keyless Operation System that allows you to start driving without ever taking your key from your pocket.


    Colour LCD multi-information display

    The high-contrast meter cluster is attractively laid out to maximise style and visibility.


    Fully automatic air conditioner

    ASX features a fully automatic climate control system for the comfort of you and your passengers.




    Panoramic glass roof with interior LED illumination

    The panoramic glass roof adds a new dimension to the drive, allowing you and your passengers to enjoy the view from every direction.


    9-Speaker ROCKFORD FOSGATE® Premium Sound System

    Music fans will love the 9-speaker, 710W sound system. The speakers, located throughout the interior, fit precisely into the door panels, which act as a frequency enhancing speaker cabinet.

    Note: Rockford Fosgate® and associated logos are registered trademarks of Rockford Corporation in the United States and other countries.


    USB port / Link System

    The USB port allows you to connect your portable media player and enjoy your full music library in premium quality.




    SD navigation with ROCKFORD FOSGATE® Premium Sound System

    The SD navigation system features a 7-inch LCD touch screen set in the centre dash panel. Coveniently arranged controls make it simple to programme any address, and the GPS function will direct you along the optimal route.

    Note: The information displayed varies according to your vehicle’s specifications.


    BLUETOOTH® hands-free kit/link system

    Keep in touch while keeping safely in control with the hands-free kit. Link your Bluetooth®-compatible mobile phone, and the voice-activated dialer lets you make calls while holding the wheel. Note: Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc.

    Note: The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION is under license.


    Interior space

    Rear seat passengers will be impressed with the leg- and headroom, and everyone will enjoy the soothing upholstery, available in luxuriant leather or soft fabric. Numerous storage compartments have been placed throughout the interior, giving you plenty of room for all the extras you want to take along.


    Slide adjustable front centre armrest

    The USB port allows you to connect your portable media player and enjoy your full music library in premium quality.


    Full-flat rear seat/ 60:40 split foldable seatback

    To carry even larger items, the rear seats can be folded down completely flat to create an expansive cargo space. The 60:40 split rear seat can also be partially folded down, giving you the room to carry bicycles or other extra-long items, while still having rear seating available.


    Cargo capacity

    No matter where you're headed, ASX lets you carry whatever you need for when you get there, with up to 419* litres of available cargo capacity with five passengers. The easy-opening tailgate is wide enough to provide ample space for even the bulkiest items, and the low floor height makes it convenient to move heavy cargo in and out. An underfloor compartment is also included, giving you a handy, out-of-the-way storage space.
    *Includes 26-litre underfloor compartment space (with tyre repair kit).

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    Auto Stop & Go

    Auto Stop & Go (AS&G) shuts off the engine at traffic stops, cutting fuel waste and emissions without disrupting the electronic systems. The engine restarts immediately, so you'll never be left waiting. Safety systems may override the Auto Stop & Go (AS&G) depending upon the situation. Please refer to the owner's Manual.


    Gear shift indicator

    ASX features an advanced gear shift indicator system that assists in reducing fuel waste and CO2 emissions. The gear shift indicator in the multi-infomation display shows the ideal timing to change gears based on engine rpm and driving conditions, allowing you optimise your shifting.


    Low-viscosity oil

    Low viscosity oil is used to reduce friction loss.

    High-efficiency alternator

    The alternator is fitted with a control that reduces the generation of unnecessary electricity in an effort to further reduce CO2 emissions.


    Electric power steering

    The steering system reduces power requirements at higher speeds to improve fuel economy. Little effort is needed for town use, yet the steering feels stable and sporty at higher speed.


    Low rolling resistance tyres

    Jointly developed with tyre manufacturer, these tyres greatly reduced rolling resistance.


    Externsive aerodynamic design

    In addition to the entire vehicle being made much lighter, the front, sides, and rear were all designed with superior aerodynamics. CD = 0.32


    Re-use of braking energy

    When you brake or simply lift the foot off the throttle pedal, your ASX's battery gets a little boost. That's because the ASX can capture energy when the car slows down and its high-effiency alternator generates electricity more efficiently than a conventional car's. As a result your car's burning less fuel to keep the battery topped up.




    ASX begins with a wide tread and long wheelbase for a solid foundation, with the MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspensions to carry you smoothly over any bumps the road may throw your way. The shock absorbers and stabilisers have been precision tuned for sporty, comfortable performance, ensuring superior cornering and sure-footed stability.



    Manual transmission

    5 & 6-speed manual transmissions are available for those who prefer the feel of control that only a stick shift can give.



    6-Speed automatic transmission

    The 2.2-litre engine is teamed with 6-speed automatic transmission, ideally tuned to deliver effortless acceleration from any speed.



    2.2-Litre DI-D engine

    2.2-litre DI-D engine is teamed with 6-speed automatic transmission for powerful output and torque.


    1.6-Litre DI-D turbo engine

    This intercooled, turbocharged diesel boasts 84kW/114PS of smooth power while being extremely fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly at the same time. 


    1.6-Litre Mivec engine

    Those who prefer petrol will be attracted by our punchy 1.6-litre MIVEC motor, which can be paired with a slick-shifting manual transmission.



    Drive mode selector

    Using one centrally located dial, the system permits freely switching between three drive modes depending on driving condition or environment.




    7-Airbag system

    ASX is equipped with a 7-airbag system to provide increased safety to every seat. The front seats are protected by front airbags, plus an additional knee airbag for the driver to help protect the legs in a forward collision. In a side collision, occupants in both rows are protected by curtain airbags extending along the sides. 

    Note: 7-Airbag System is optional. Equipment may vary from the image shown. Airbags are part of a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). To decrease the risk of injury from a deploying airbag, always wear your seat belt, sit upright in the middle of the seat and do not lean against the door. Always place children 12 and under in the rear seat and use appropriate child restraints. Never place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat. Please see the owner’s manual and the instructions provided with your child restraint for additional information.



    RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) Body

    RISE body design is based on the concepts of regression and structural integrity. Crush zones progressively crumble to absorb impact energy, and key structural areas direct energy away from the cabin, itself solidly reinforced against deformation. The result is reliable collision safety for all occupants regardless of impact direction.



    Super Wide Range HID headlamps

    To take more of the road out of the shadows, ASX features Super Wide Range HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps. When activated, the headlamp clusters send out broader beams of light, illuminating a much wider section of the road ahead.


    Active Stability Control (ASC)

    The Active Stability Control system uses onboard sensors to analyse the vehicle's motion and identify lateral wheel slippage. By governing engine output and applying braking power to the appropriate wheels, ASC helps to maintain stability and control.

    Note: The control capabilities of ASC is supplemental only. Please drive safely and never rely solely on these functions while driving. Be sure to use the same specified type and size of tyres on all 4 wheels. Do not install any aftermarket limited slip differential on your vehicle. Please see the owner’s manual for additional information.


    ABS with EBD and Brake Assist

    During hard braking and on slippery roads, the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) helps prevent wheel lock and maintain steering control. Regardless of passenger number, luggage load, or road conditions, EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) evenly distributes braking force to the rear wheels, adding to overall safety.

    Note: ABS can help a driver prevent unsafe situations while braking, but is never a substitute for safe driving. ABS does not always reduce stopping distances. Stopping distance can be influenced by many factors including road surface conditions and friction between the tyres and the road surface.


    Hill Start Assist

    HSA makes it easy to start off on a steep uphill slope by preventing the vehicle from rolling backward. When a gradient is detected, it automatically maintains the braking force until the accelerator is applied.

    Note: Hill Start Assist (HSA) is not a substitute for safe driving. Never rely solely on this function while driving on steep roads. Your vehicle may move backwards if the brake pedal is heavily loaded, or if road is very steep or slippery. This function is not designed to keep the vehicle stopped in place on uphill slopes for more than 2 seconds. Do not rely on this function to maintain a stopped position as an alternative to depressing the brake pedal. Please see the owner’s manual for additional information.


    Traction control function

    When wheel spin is detected, engine output is governed and braking force is applied to the spinning wheels to prevent driving torque loss, for smooth starts and linear acceleration.

    Note: The control capabilities of TCL is supplemental only. Please drive safely and never rely solely on these functions while driving. Be sure to use the same specified type and size of tyres on all 4 wheels. Do not install any aftermarket limited slip differential on your vehicle. Please see the owner’s manual for additional information.


    High hip point

    Once behind the wheel, you'll find that even with its aerodynamic form, ASX gives you a surprisingly elevated seat position. Combined with the sloping hood design, this provides a better view of the road for easier manoeuvring and greater safety.


    Parking sensors (back warning sensors)

    Located on the rear bumper, parking sensors detect obstacles and alert driver during parking manoeuvres.


    Rearview camera

    Displays rearview of the vehicle on the SD navigation screen for added safety.


    Brake override system

    The new Brake Override System gives priority to the brakes over the accelerator, allowing drivers to stop the car with the footbrake even if the accelerator is being pressed and the car is running at full speed.

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    We are passionate about giving you the best service possible. That is why Mitsubishi Authorised Service Points have fully trained and equipped technicians who use only genuine Mitsubishi parts to maintain your vehicle. We also offer excellent value-for-money care throughout the life of your Mitsubishi.

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    first-class support

    Our vehicles are among the best built and most reliable on the market, but we want to make sure that you’re covered if something should happen. That’s why we’ve got a first-class after sales support team, as well as Europe-wide service and road side assistance that’s just as good as that which your local dealer provides.