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questions about Accessories & PROMOTION MATERIALS

Which accessories can I buy for my Mitsubishi, where can I buy them and how long does it take to order and receive Mitsubishi accessories? What is the impact of adding accessories to my insurance?

Mitsubishi accessories

The place to go for any Mitsubishi accessories you are looking for is your Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. You will get an all-inclusive price there, which includes (when applicable) professional installation of those Mitsubishi accessories in your car. If what you're after isn't in stock, the people there will tell you when it will be available.

If you are looking for Mitsubishi accessories but haven't made a choice yet, you can check which Mitsubishi accessories are available here. When will I receive my Mitsubishi accessories? Just like when you would order a service part, the Mitsubishi accessories you order will be delivered to your Mitsubishi dealer very quickly. Of course the time it takes before you receive your Mitsubishi accessories depends upon availability and supply frequency, but in most cases delivery will be within one day. Does adding Mitsubishi accessories have an impact on your insurance? Depending on the number, type and price of the accessories, as well as on the applicable terms of the insurance, adding Mitsubishi accessories could have an impact on your insurance.

In general, we would suggest that you would report Mitsubishi accessories to your insurance company. When an accessory would alter the way your vehicle functions or operates, or when the improper installment of an accessory is base for legal liability, this might apply. But generally speaking, the chance that (genuine) Mitsubishi accessories would have such an impact is very small. Another reason why we would suggest to include the Mitsubishi accessories (with the purchase price) in your insurance is to make sure they are covered in case of an accident or loss of your car, though this often has an impact on your insurance rate. If you have any doubts or questions regarding Mitsubishi accessories being covered by or affecting your insurance, contact your insurance company and/or agent.

Does the Mitsubishi dealer always have all Mitsubishi merchandise from the brochure available? If not, how long does it take to order and receive my merchandise?

Where and how to get your Mitsubishi merchandise If you want to purchase Mitsubishi merchandise, please go to the nearest Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. Your local Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point will be pleased to quote you an all-inclusive price for any Mitsubishi merchandise, such as Mitsubishi caps and shirts. If they don’t have the Mitsubishi merchandise you’re looking for, they are able to tell you when they expect it to come in. If you haven’t chosen your Mitsubishi merchandise yet, you can check a selection of available Mitsubishi merchandise here. Is all Mitsubishi merchandise available? Most likely not all merchandise is available all the time. While your Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point is able to keep a selection of Mitsubishi merchandise items and brochures on stock, some merchandise items like Mitsubishi shirts and caps, can’t be available always. If you would order Mitsubishi merchandise, the time from the moment that you order it until you receive it can vary from a few hours up to a few days. This depends on availability and supply frequency of course. Mitsubishi merchandise: more than caps and shirts Maybe the most sought-after Mitsubishi merchandise is clothing. Mitsubishi caps and shirts are extremely popular. But there is also Mitsubishi merchandise for kids, ladies and business people. For people who love the outdoor life, the real genuine Ralliart merchandise is also available at your Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. If you can’t find a Mitsubishi dealer who has a selection of Mitsubishi accessories and merchandise nearby, you can use the dealer locator to find one.

questions about Driving tips

Does Mitsubishi have specific tips for driving in the winter season?

Winter driving tips Snow and ice can be beautiful, but the winter season can also be a challenging ordeal for drivers and their cars. Proper preparation for the winter season is recommended in order to stay safe. To help you prepare, Mitsubishi Motors has made a selection of winter driving tips. These winter driving tips range from preparatory suggestions to emergency instructions. Winter driving tips – prepare your car and yourself During the winter season, all kinds of problems seem to appear out of nowhere. The truth is: most of these problems were there already, but didn’t manifest themselves. The most common of these problems is a weak battery. In summer or even in autumn a weak battery can easily go unnoticed, but in winter it will quickly become a problem that will interfere with whatever you planned to do that involves your car. If you want to make sure that your car is ready for the cold season, bring it to your local Authorised Service Point for a winter check. All the potential problems will be discovered and adequate measures can be taken to prevent real trouble. If your car passes the check, you have nothing to worry about. To prepare yourself, it’s a good idea to make sure you keep blankets and a small supply of non-perishable food and bottled water in your car to make sure you can survive a night in your car. Winter driving tips - driving on slippery roads Driving on snowy or icy roads is dangerous, and if you don’t have a good reason to go on the road, just don’t. Many people underestimate the dangers of snow and ice for automobile driving, which results in hundreds of unnecessary accidents. We wouldn’t be giving winter driving tips if no one needed them. Don’t overestimate your ability to handle your car on a slippery road, despite all the modern technology that can be found in our cars. Having winter tyres mounted is always a good idea, especially in regions where snow and ice are common in winter. Winter driving tips – stay calm First of all, don’t panic. The skidding of wheels can be corrected. Steer in the direction of the skid. Try not to steer too heavily. Just try to get your car under control again. Winter driving tips – to brake or not to brake Be aware of the difference between having ABS and not having it. If your car does have anti-lock brakes (most modern cars do), you can use your brakes like you would normally and if it’s not too slippery. Without ABS, the best way to stay in control is to steer. And if you have to brake, pumping the brakes is the only way to avoid wheel blocking on a slightly slippery road surface. Winter driving tips – see and be seen Make sure you always have a clear view (is there sufficient winter-proof windscreen washer fluid in the reservoir?) and drive with your lights on.

Does Mitsubishi have tips for driving?

Tips for driving safely There are many tips for driving to be found on the internet. You may have read a lot of them. Reading tips for driving indicates that you take driving a car seriously – and you should. As much as we like to tell you about how comfortable and technically advanced our vehicles are, Mitsubishi Motors cannot stress enough that driving a vehicle should not be taken lightly. That’s why we have included some tips for driving in our frequently asked questions; we have chosen to put some aspects forward that may seem obvious, but are disregarded quite frequently. Tips for driving – general safety It’s a good idea to do a basic safety inspection of your vehicle every time you are driving. Visually checking for tyre pressure and fluid leaks under your vehicle doesn’t take much time. Checking if your lights are in working order is something that should be done frequently. Remember your passenger(s) can assist you. Driving with your headlights on, also when there’s “enough” light, doesn’t cost a fortune and can save lives; your vehicle will be noticed earlier by other drivers. Tips for driving – being and staying focused Using your mirrors should be an automatism; checking what’s happening behind you and to your sides prevents collisions. Do not trust the judgment of other drivers and always expect sudden moves that could cause dangerous situations; you don’t know the other drivers and their state of mind, so do not assume that they would take the same kind of decisions you do. Being in a hurry is never a good thing in traffic. But even when you need to get somewhere quickly, remember that being calm and rational is the right attitude when you are driving. Tips for driving - precautions It’s wise to keep a list of important phone numbers and addresses in your car. In case of an emergency or any other situation where you need help, such a list can be invaluable. Don’t eat or drink while driving. Even a seemingly minor distraction like this is potentially dangerous. When you drop or spill something, you’re seriously distracted. Be careful while listening to your car stereo. Adjusting the volume or changing a disc will make you less alert. Be on guard for signs of fatigue when you’re on a long trip. Yawning or feeling a burning sensation in your eyes indicate that you’re about to fall asleep. When you can’t keep your eyes open, stop to rest.

questions about Maintenance and Care

Why should I go to a Mitsubishi dealer for my maintenance?

Mitsubishi maintenance To ensure that your Mitsubishi is always in excellent condition, the best place to go for all of your maintenance requirements is your local Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. At a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point you will find people who know your car inside out, top notch mechanics who have been trained by Mitsubishi to provide the best service possible for your car. They have access to the latest technical information and special tools. The service technology that is necessary for optimal maintenance of your Mitsubishi can’t be found somewhere else. When servicing your car, the Mitsubishi service providers make use of original Mitsubishi service parts. Mitsubishi vehicle maintenance at an Authorised Service Point is the only way to guarantee lasting reliability and performance of your Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi maintenance: your dealer knows best Mitsubishi vehicles are different from other cars. Their technology is very sophisticated; many features of Mitsubishi cars, like Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control (ASTC) or the Engine Brake Assist Control (EBAC) are very different from the electronic control systems found in other brands, even if their purpose were similar. That’s why it’s not a good idea to go to an all-brand service station. While the mechanics you would find there might know a lot about cars, they don’t know your Mitsubishi well enough to do your maintenance. They might unintentionally even damage your car, thereby putting the safety of you and your passengers at risk. And of course they don’t have the Mitsubishi parts that your car needs to stay in shape. Go to an Authorised Service Point for your Mitsubishi maintenance Use a dealer locator if you’re not sure if there’s an Authorised Service Point nearby for the maintenance of your Mitsubishi. It’s never very far away, and always worth the drive. After all, you want the best Mitsubishi maintenance possible; the one provided by a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point is undoubtedly the best.

What is a general service check?

Regular car checkup saves money A car checkup on a regular basis can actually save you money and time. Of course there are many people doing their basic car checkup themselves, but that will be limited mostly to a quick inspection of engine oil level, radiator coolant, brake fluid and tire pressures. Very useful, but such a car checkup will not always reveal the things that need to be discovered before it’s too late: some problems that slumber under your car’s bonnet can cause very serious and costly breakdowns. The only way to avoid this is to have a complete car checkup on a regular basis. That could be determined by the mileage or age of your car, depending on how many kilometers you drive. It is a good idea to take your car to your Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point for a regular checkup. Car checkup at the dealer So what does the dealer check in a car checkup? What is so different about the way the car is checked by a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point? Although your car is similar in many respects to cars of another brand, there are lots of areas in which cars may differ from others. In fact, having your car serviced by a mechanic who is not familiar with your car can be hazardous. Typically things like car circuitry and electronic controls of vital functions that are found in most modern cars, are so car-specific that they need to be checked only by authorised service personnel. The equipment with which such a checkup is conducted is just as specific. The slightest changes or irregularities will show up and can be acted on long before they grow into serious problems. The General Service Check at Mitsubishi: the ultimate car checkup A check by a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point is the perfect example of how a car checkup should be conducted on a regular basis. There is a very long list of items that are checked, and it’s much more than just checking under the bonnet. Even an actual road test is part of the car checkup procedure. The General Service Check, as it is called, is done so thoroughly that it’s safe to say that Mitsubishi drivers who have their cars inspected on a regular basis should not need to worry about their car’s condition.

When does my car need a maintenance check, and where can I find my service intervals?

Car service intervals Every car requires its periodic maintenance / service checks, but how do you know when your car needs a checkup? For every car type there are regular service intervals, and there’s a maintenance check list for each service check. And although it doesn’t depend on a kilometre more or less, it’s wise to follow the recommendations for your car service intervals as they are mentioned in the service booklet that came with the car. And there’s more to car service intervals and maintenance check lists than you’d think. What are typical car service intervals? Because driving styles and usage vary, Mitsubishi has set the maintenance intervals at 20,000 km (12,500 miles) or 1 year whichever comes first. This is basically the same for all models except the Lancer Evolution, which has lower mileage maintenance intervals of 15,000 Km (9,000 miles) or 1 year whichever comes first. The type of usage, like driving fast, on off road and rough terrain as opposed to regularly driving longer stretches on the road, are just some of the other factors to be considered. Ignoring car service intervals What happens when you ignore car service intervals and skip service? Well, nothing, at least not right away. But don’t forget that the intervals in your car’s service booklet have been meticulously calculated to prevent premature damage to or breakdown of any part. As a manufacturer, Mitsubishi Motors understands that you don’t want to take your car to the dealer very often, so the service intervals have been stretched to accommodate you. That also means that ignoring them is not a good idea. If the fluids in your car aren’t at their normal levels or aren’t effective anymore, serious damage even failure (and considerable cost) could follow. Maintenance check and service intervals for your Mitsubishi Your Mitsubishi service booklet will tell you exactly when your car needs the next maintenance check. In most of the cars there’s even an indicator on your dashboard that will light up when a maintenance check is needed. Don’t ignore it. If you are in doubt about the service intervals of your car or have questions about your type of vehicle usage, do not hesitate to contact a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point.

What does an obligatory periodical safety inspection check (e.g. APK, MOT, Government Inspection etc.) cost at the Mitsubishi dealer?

Obligatory car inspection - what does it cost? The prices for an obligatory periodical safety inspection check of your car are different from country to country. In all countries the emphasis is laid upon safety and roadworthiness, but some countries (like the Netherlands and UK) have stricter rules than others. Both independent inspection stations and car dealers can carry out the obligatory periodical safety inspection check for your car (MOT, APK, TüV etc.) at the same cost. Independent service stations will just do the car inspection according to a checklist, but car dealers sometimes offer extra service. The cost of car inspection at a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point The cost of an obligatory periodical safety inspection check at your Mitsubishi dealer is basically the same as the one at an independent service station. But there’s a very good reason for Mitsubishi drivers to get their car inspection at an Authorised Service Point. There’s no place where they know your car as well as they do at your Mitsubishi dealer. This means that having your car inspected very thoroughly by dedicated technicians has added value. In addition to just checking the basic safety or roadworthiness of your car, they can look into aspects of your safety that are specifically related to your car. Things that other technicians would not look at because it’s not on their checklist. Your Mitsubishi dealer might discover defects before they become problematic; that may well compensate for the cost of a car inspection. Don’t let car inspection cost too much If you have the inspection of your car done by a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point, you don’t have to worry about issues like whether a part should be replaced or not, or if you might have paid too much. The cost of anything done during a car inspection by a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point can be accounted for and should be considered an investment in the prolongation of the life of your Mitsubishi. For finding one nearest to your home, use the dealer locator.

Can I get a new service booklet / Owner’s Manual?

Mitsubishi Owner's Manual Lost your Mitsubishi Owner’s Manual and/or Service Booklet? You can get a new Owner’s Manual or Service Booklet for the maintenance of your Mitsubishi. If you contact a local Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point, you will find all the information you need there. Make sure you order your new Owner’s manual or service booklet from Mitsubishi as soon as possible, as it contains important information on maintenance (to keep your car in good condition) and to keep you and your passengers safe. If you aren’t able to find a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point, you can use the dealer locator to get the contact details. What is a Mitsubishi Owner’s Manual? A Mitsubishi Owner’s Manual is a book that contains important information on how to keep your Mitsubishi vehicle in the best possible condition. Reading the Owner’s Manual every once in a while or consulting it when in doubt is highly recommended. It also offers safety instructions, which should be followed at all times. The Owner’s Manual of your Mitsubishi tells you how to check the vital functions of your car and the levels of fluids and oil. Ignoring the advice to perform these checks regularly can lead to serious defects in your engine and other essential parts of your Mitsubishi. The service booklet, another important document to keep in your glove compartment, gives a survey of what maintenance has been done by your Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. All checks should be listed in the service booklet. What if you still have doubts after reading your Mitsubishi Owner’s Manual? The Mitsubishi Owner’s manual is a quite comprehensive reference book about your car and keeping it in good condition. It is possible, of course, that even after reading your Mitsubishi Owner’s Manual you still have questions or doubts. If you do, please contact your local Mitsubishi Authorised Service point. The people there will gladly inform you or explain anything you might have missed or didn’t understand in your Mitsubishi Owner’s Manual.

Should I check the oil level with a cold or warm engine?

Check your oil level When your oil level check light on your car’s dashboard is burning or glowing, chances are it might be too late to prevent damage to your engine. The oil in your engine has many functions: not just to lubricate, but also to (help to) keep your engine clean, the performance up and the temperature down. The level and condition of engine oil is therefore an issue much too important to ignore. All engines consume some oil during operation, so checking the oil level is important. Of course driving style and engine load have great influence on oil consumption. Don’t wait for the oil pressure warning light to take action. If the oil level is low, and the oil pressure drops, there is the risk of damage to your engine. This could have serious consequences when you are driving. Before the oil pressure warning light indicates that something isn’t as it should be, you can check the oil level of your car yourself. You can do this with the engine at normal operating temperature, by using the following the procedure on this page. Check the oil level regularly When you might be going to add oil, an important issue is the quality and viscosity of the motor oil you use. It must be in accordance with the recommendations that you find in your service booklet. The use of additives is not recommended, as they might reduce the effectiveness of the additives already included in the oil. If you are going to check the oil level of your engine yourself, this is how you can go about it: 1. Park the car on a level horizontal surface. 2. Switch off the engine (when at normal operating temperature). 3. Wait a few minutes. 4. Remove the dipstick and wipe it with a clean cloth. 5. Reinsert the dipstick as far as it goes. 6. Remove the dipstick and read the oil level, which should always be within the range indicated. 7. If the oil level is below the specified limit, remove the cap located on the cylinder head cover and add enough oil to raise the level to within the specified range. Do not overfill to avoid engine damage. Be sure to use the specified motor oil and do not mix various types of oil. 8. After adding oil, close the cap securely. 9. Confirm the oil level by repeating step 4 to 8. An oil level check as part of a General Service Check Of course the oil level check procedure mentioned above is part of a General Service check as performed by a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. The people checking your car at Mitsubishi know exactly how to check your oil level and change oil. They also take care in properly disposing of used oil, making sure it doesn’t damage the environment.

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questions about Service and Warranty

Which number to dial when my car breaks down, and do I have Roadside Assistance when travelling abroad in Europe?

Car / engine trouble abroad If you have ever experienced the feeling of having car /engine trouble abroad, you know how this may totally ruin a holiday or business trip. It’s not just the inconvenience of your car being immobilized that makes having car / engine trouble abroad so annoying; the trouble that you have to go through to solve the problems that arise from that inconvenience are even worse. When you have car / engine trouble, or are involved in a road traffic accident, it’s always a stressful and bothersome situation. Mitsubishi drivers who purchased a new Mitsubishi have at least one worry less than others when they have car /engine trouble, because the Mitsubishi Motors Assistance Package comes along with their purchase for 3 years. They can simply dial the MAP support number. It’s on one of the windows of the vehicle or in the vehicle handbook. What kind of car / engine trouble is covered by MAP? There are lots of situations that can be described as car / engine trouble, so it may be useful to mention some different types of trouble that are covered by MAP. You can dial the MAP Support number in the event of: - a mechanical or electrical breakdown - a road traffic accident - a fuel problem (lack of fuel, contaminated fuel, wrong fuel) - a key problem (lost keys, keys locked in car, broken key) - a tyre problem (puncture, vandalism, bolt or valve leak) - an attempted theft or vandalism that immobilizes your vehicle - theft of your car What to expect from MAP in case of car /engine trouble Of course Mitsubishi will provide the roadside assistance that will get your car safely on the road again if you have car /engine trouble, or tow your vehicle to the nearest Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point (there are more than 2500 in 30 countries throughout Europe). But the coverage of your package goes well beyond the obvious: alternative transports are offered, you can count on Mitsubishi to inform your family, friends or colleagues in case of an emergency or accident, or help to get you legal and medical assistance. That’s how Mitsubishi Motors will help you if anything happens – in your own country and abroad.

What does Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance exactly mean and how can I extend it?

Auto road service Because every vehicle, even a new one, can break down or have engine trouble, there is auto road service. Modern auto road service comes in many forms and there are many automobile clubs that offer auto road service to their members. And while most of them do a good job, they rarely do more than taking care of a lesser technical problem; in some cases they might tow your car to a service station. For Mitsubishi Motors, offering a road service exclusively available to Mitsubishi drivers (Free of charge for 3 years when the vehicle is first registered) is above all a way to enhance the ownership experience, which is already unique in many ways. Auto road service - the Mitsubishi way The Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance, shortly known as MAP (Mitsubishi Motors Assistance Package), is unlike any other auto road service package. While it has one of its goals –getting your car back at its best - in common with other packages, it seems to focus on the driver and the passengers. MAP is so much more than the set of measures and conditions that the typical auto road service consists of. MAP has been tailored to ensure that there is minimal disruption to you and your passengers in case you need help. It offers the most complete assistance any driver could wish for. We hope you’ll never need the Mitsubishi version of auto road service, but if you do, you will be pleasantly surprised. What is so different about Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance? So what happens when you’re on the road with your new Mitsubishi and you experience a technical problem? Besides being a very quick and effective form of auto road service for basic technical assistance, the added value of MAP is the extent of what will be done if your vehicle cannot be mobilized right away. MAP covers a whole spectrum of measures that will optimally lessen the inconvenience. Some examples: - Towing your car to the nearest authorised Mitsubishi Network Partner - Storage or parking in a secure facility when towing is not possible right away - Taxi transportation to your home (if you’re less than 30 miles away) OR - A replacement car for a maximum of two days (if you’re less than 30 miles from home) up to five days (if you are more than 30 miles away) OR - First class train tickets or economy class air travel (when rail transport exceeds six hours) OR - Hotel accommodation for a maximum of four nights (dependent on local conditions and availability) Mitsubishi Motors Assistance Package for older cars Even if you have a Mitsubishi car, you may need auto road service one day; with an older car, the chance of encountering technical problems increases. Therefore it is good to know that MAP covers older cars too with the MAP-upgrade program. For Mitsubishi vehicles up to ten years old, MAP can be upgraded. Of course your vehicle must be serviced according to the manufacturer service schedule at a (participating) Mitsubishi Motors Authorised Service Point. MAP Upgrade is valid for 12 months or until your next service, whichever is sooner. MAP is everything you need when you need it; it’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s roadside assistance the Mitsubishi way. If you have any questions about the Mitsubishi Motors Assistance Package, contact your local Authorised Service Point.

What’s my advantage of servicing and maintaining my vehicle at a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point?

Mitsubishi service It’s perfectly clear that you won’t find better service and maintenance for your vehicle than you will get at a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. Not just from a technical perspective, but also because of the special relationship that exists between a Mitsubishi dealer and a loyal customer. No mechanic can tell you more about your Mitsubishi than the people you find at a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. These are the people who know everything there is to know about your car and have been trained by Mitsubishi Motors to provide the best service possible for your car and who have also all the latest technologies and tools to support them. The three-year warranty on your Mitsubishi isn’t the end of the relationship you build with your Mitsubishi dealer. The service provided by your Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point is so complete and so special, that Mitsubishi drivers keep going to their Mitsubishi Authorised Service point, also after their basic warranty has expired. If you want to know more about Mitsubishi Motors’ warranty conditions, please click here. Mitsubishi service- technical excellence Mitsubishi vehicles have sophisticated technologies. These are all designed by Mitsubishi Motors and adequate service for a Mitsubishi vehicle demands high-level knowledge of specific electronic control systems that can be found in Mitsubishi vehicles. We would recommend that you go to a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point for your Mitsubishi service. Although the mechanics in a non-authorised service point may know a lot about cars in general, they do know a lot less about your Mitsubishi than the people in a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. You should know that warranty and quality claims to Mitsubishi Motors Europe can only be made by a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point. Personalised Mitsubishi Service After providing years of service for your Mitsubishi, the people at an Authorised Service Point know you and your car. If there’s an upgrade that might apply to your car, they know about it. Also in the situation of repairs after the warranty period, the Mitsubishi service doesn’t let you down; you will benefit from the goodwill you have built as a loyal customer. If you’d like to find the nearest Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point, please click here.

How long is the Mitsubishi warranty on a new car, and what are the warranty conditions of a Mitsubishi vehicle?

A three year warranty A Mitsubishi vehicle is covered by a 3 year warranty. For the first two year period, warranty comes with unlimited mileage, for the next (third) year warranty is limited to 100.000 km, whichever comes first after the warranty start date as shown in your Memorandum of Registration in the Pan-European Services booklet. The warranty starts as soon as the new car is delivered to the first registered owner. Three year warranty conditions The warranty on your Mitsubishi car is very complete. For a 3 year period, warranty covers all defects of material and workmanship (under normal use and provided that maintenance has been carried out correctly). This means that if you buy a new Mitsubishi and have it serviced at a Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point, you really needn’t have any worries about the warranty on your car, even if you drive as much as 33.000 km per year. With this kind of warranty on your Mitsubishi you are assured of many years of trouble free motoring. Of course it is imperative that your Mitsubishi Authorised Sales Point has fully completed the Memorandum of Registration in the Pan-European Maintenance Record section. Should you require warranty services during the warranty period, the diagnosis should be performed and the services supplied by a Mitsubishi Motors Authorised Service Point. The basic warranty items consist of all items in a new vehicle, except the special transacted items, non-warranted items and other items listed in your Pan European Services booklet. We recommend that you read this booklet thoroughly to familiarize yourself with its contents and requirements. Is there any warranty after the third year? Typically there is a 3 year warranty on every Mitsubishi, but depending on what country you live in, there could be additional coverage. You can find out if this applies to your situation at your Mitsubishi dealer. Mitsubishi dealerships greatly appreciate their loyal customers. You will find a lot of goodwill and always a service-friendly environment at your Mitsubishi Motors Authorised Service Point, also after the third year of warranty.

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